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What is a medico legal examination?

A medico legal examination is an independent assessment of the current status and treatment of your medical condition. The doctor who conducts this assessment is independent of the organisation requesting the assessment and is not otherwise involved in the management of your case.

The organisation requesting your independent medical assessment should explain to you the reasons why it is necessary for you to attend your appointment. The doctor conducting your assessment knows that such appointments may provoke anxiety and stress and are expert at putting you at your ease.

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During the assessment you will be asked details about the history of your condition in addition to some more general questions that are relevant to your current status. Some of the questions may not seem relevant to you but enable the doctor conducting your assessment to understand your own individual circumstances. The answers you shall give will be treated with respect and privacy. You should answer the questions asked to the best of your ability. If you do dot know the answer say so. There are no right and wrong answers.

After taking the history of your condition you will undergo an examination of those parts of your body directly or indirectly relevant to your condition. You should dress to enable clothing to be removed easily if needed.

When the examination is completed the doctor will write a report that will be sent only to the person or organisation requesting the report. Your treating doctors may ask the organisation requesting the report for a copy.

Because the doctor who is examining you must remain independent and is not your treating doctor your ought to refrain from asking their opinion or advice.


Can I be accompanied for my assessment?

If you wish a family member or support person is usually permitted to accompany you during your assessment. An accompanying person ought to refrain from answering questions on behalf of the person being examined unless the doctor conducting the examination seeks separate clarification.

Children and babies should be left at home or minded by an accompanying person. The examination cannot be conducted with minors and small children in the examination room and our office staff cannot mind children for you during your appointment.

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How long will the examination take?

The questions and examination will usually be completed in 60 minutes. Before the doctor conducts your assessment you will be asked to complete some forms that are a part of your assessment that will take about 15 minutes.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

You should contact the person organising your assessment (usually our case manager or solicitor) if you need to reschedule your appointment.

If you are running late for your appointment please ring our office to determine if your appointment needs to be rescheduled to a different day.

How should I prepare for the examination?

Because during the examination you may be asked to remove some of your clothing you should wear loose clothing that is easily removed.

You should bring a complete list including dose of your current medications.

You may bring your own notes and records to refer to during the assessment.

You should bring a source of photo identification such as a driving licence to confirm your identity.

Location Access and Facilities

Your assessment will usually be conducted at one of our two Brisbane locations.

Our South Brisbane location is  located at Suite 32 on  the first floor of the Greenslopes Specialist Centre, 121 Newdegate Street, Greenslopes 4120, on  the campus of the Greenslopes Private Hospital.

There is a public car park within the Greenslopes Private Hospital Campus. The nearest Taxis drop off point is the main entrance to the Greenslopes Private Hospital on Newdegate Street. Wheelchairs can be loaned from the main entrance and there is elevator access to the first floor.

There is a coffee shop in the main entry foyer for refreshments and light meals.

Our Brisbane CBD location is located at Suite 303, Second Floor, St Andrews Place, 33 North Street, Spring Hill 4000 immediately opposite the North Street entry to St Andrews War Memorial Hospital.

Public parking is available onsite beneath St Andrews Place (entry off North Street) or in the St Andrews War Memorial Hospital car park (entry off North Street). The nearest Taxi drop off point is at the main entry to St Andrews Place on North Street Spring Hill.

There is a coffee shop within St Andrews Place for refreshments and light meals.

Our Sydney CBD location is Level 5 AWA Building, 47 York Street, Sydney 2001. The nearest station is Wynyard. Wheelchair access is available.

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Individuals with severe mobility impairment e.g. those who are wheelchair dependent, should bring this to our attention at the time of your booking so that a more convenient location to conduct your assessment may be arranged. Because your assessment will be conducted within outpatient suite, there is no facility for the provision of medical oxygen or other medical care during the conduct of your assessment.